The Substance of Reading

There is profound learning we get from reading than from any form of information we acquire via multimedia, internet, television or the radio. Reading is incomparable to any of these tools for learning. To educate is important. The literacy rate is assessed latently when examining a nation’s economic situation and general development. If this figure is significantly low the country is likely to be poor with an unstable government and corruption, prevalent. Often literacy reflects a good deal on the quality of life of its general public.

Education is not gained only in school institutions. Many of the great philosophers in history have become the wisest of men by being their own teachers and with just a company of books. Of course, at the present time we cannot sanely compare ourselves to them, but if you just think about where they started and how they do it, I don’t see any reason why you can’t learn just as much or become wiser than you already are.

It is all a matter of self-knowledge and self-discipline, and with a value rooted in focus. It is pragmatic that both children and adults who love reading have reasonably higher IQs than those who don’t. They are also more creative and sharp and do better in school or in any endeavor because they can make decisions more discerning and wise.

Basically, reading is a very good habit that improves and develops vocabulary and conversational skills. It can even help you appreciate beauty in poems. For many people reading may seem uninteresting and boring. There is much wider gain one gets for his intellect by sitting alone and indulging in a good book than in any other manner of exposing oneself externally. And you don’t have to be a nerd in this case, but only trying to outsmart what you are already.

After all, every action begins with our thoughts, so if you want to make good with everything you do, cultivate your mind. To educate: It does not only denote being inside a four wall and doing one’s responsibility as a learning student. There are various ways an individual can educate himself and he is free to choose what to feed his mind with. We are learning each time, therefore we can educate and be educated each time.

By just reading we are advancing mental development. We are encouraging a greater level of concentration. It is simply our indulgence in reading that consistently increases knowledge obtained. We are educated when we are able to recognize that we have learned something or are learning something. Make room for creative imagination as it drives education before you even know it.


Eddie A. Cook