Secure job and keep looking?

Can you accept a job that you know that he is the next best opportunity to announce once again?

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For years I’ve worked for a large German company. During a restructuring, I had to go. Subsequent employment, I have not only found once. Now I have an offer from a small SMEs in the province, to me, frankly does not suit, especially. The family business looking for a successor to the long-term management.

I realized that I would use the first way to go: My family does not want to move away from the city. I see no alternative but for the time and probably will sign. Is that wrong?

Reply from Andreas Föller, management consultants, and physician:

Superficially, it has abdominal pain if the affected candidate chooses a task, knowing that the job he does not actually want to take really.

And yet I believe that it is ethically defensible very well to do just that.

However, the questioner must ensure two things then.

  • 1st He must be completely independent of the longevity of his intentions with a full commitment to approach the task. It would be totally unacceptable if he competes with the handbrake on.
  • 2nd He must, if he receives an alternative offer, at least until the task is perceived at a small local company until he has achieved success. Absolutely inexcusable and morally indefensible it, after two / three months would be to go back. This means that in extreme cases, the candidate must be willing to call off an interesting offer because he has just begun this task.

If he then after 1.5 or 2 years, receives an adequate supply and has realized in the context of the family business already proven a success, I think it at all disappointed, which will be linked so that, for ethically justified to accept this offer.

Where can I see the legitimacy of this approach?

  • 1st If the candidate has achieved success, so to speak, then he has repaid the investment made in him.
  • 2nd It has given itself the chance to meet the new environment. And the result would have certainly may be that his initial reluctance has turned into an honest enthusiasm for the task.
  • 3rd There is no guarantee that focuses on the employer side, the task of eternity. Also, there may be changes in the family environment, then pull the separation of CEO at the request of the employer himself.

In summary, therefore, a clear yes to accept even from a moral point of view the task. Another aspect:

  • Is it really ethical, longer unemployment (and therefore an economic burden of social security funds) to be accepted, only to be prepared for the vague possibility of an interesting offer?
  • If the questioner wants the whole thing then do something morally clean, then he should his potential new employer (the family across the street) so far produced a degree of clarity with regard to the risks that it indicates the long-term nature of his commitment.

For example, in such a way:

Dear family,

for both of us, this is an experiment. You know, I was so far only in large companies, and we both do not know whether we suit each other.

I pledge to use with full dedication and to do everything to meet your expectations.

I can not promise that I’ll feel probably permanently.